Dublin Treatment Centres (Adults)

National Coagulation Centre 
St. James's Hospital
James's Street
Dublin 8
The National Coagulation Centre offers a service to patients with a wide range of bleeding and clotting disorders on an in-patient and outpatient basis, including investigation, diagnosis, long term management and family screening. The NCC provides comprehensive care with a multidisciplinary approach involving nursing, physiotherapy, social work, clinical psychology and dentistry as well as running specialist combined clinics in orthopaedic surgery and infectious diseases.
Phone: (01) 416 2141 / (01) 416 2142
Fax: (01) 410 3570
Email: ncc@stjames.ie
H&H Assessment Unit
The H&H Ward in St. James's Hospital contains an Assessment Unit with cubicles for assessing and treating patients with haemophilia and other relating bleeding conditions. The H&H Assessment Unit is open Monday - Friday, 8.30am- 5pm.
Patients who need emergency assessment or advice after 5pm should phone the H&H Ward or alternatively contact St. James's Hospital via the main switch board on (01) 4103000 and ask for the Haematology SHO on call.
Phone: (01) 4103129
  • Patients who need advice from a nurse should phone the Assessment Unit directly.
  • Patients with a bleed who need to speak to a nurse urgently please can contact Switch on: (01) 4103000 and ask for Pager 721.
H & H Ward Out of Hours Service: After 17.00Hrs or at Weekends and Bank Holidays 
Phone: 01 410 3132
Anticoagulation Clinic 
Ph: 01 428 4403 (Nursing)
Ph: 01 416 2637 (Appointments)
Dr Niamh O’Connell, National Haemophilia Director, Consultant Haematologist
Consultant Haematologists in the NCC 
Prof James O'Donnell
Dr Kevin Ryan
Dr Barry Kevane -Locum
Haemophilia Nurses & contact details
Ms Ann O’ Sullivan, Nurse Manager
(01) 01 4162142 / 01 4284637

Ms Catherine Buckley Quality Assurance Officer
(01) 428 4651 
Ms Evelyn Singleton, Haemovigilance Officer       
Ms Snehal Prabhukeuluskar
(01) 410 3518
Haemophilia secretaries (01) 428 4348
Each Consultant has their own secretary contactable by phoning 01 4162142 / 014162142