Membership of National Haemophilia Council

The Members of the National Haemophilia Council are appointed by the Minister for Health in accordance with Section 6 of the National Haemophilia Council (Establishment) Order, 2004 (SI No. 451 of 2004).

The current members of the National Haemophilia Council for the year 2015 are:

Dr. Barry Harrington (Chairperson)
National Haemophilia Council, Health Service Executive, Mill Lane, Palmerstown, Dublin 20.  

Dr. Barry Harrington was born in Dublin, qualified as a Dentist in 1964 at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.  Dr. Harrington worked in private dental practice in Northern Ireland and Dublin (1964-1985). In September 1985 he was appointed a Consultant. In 1986 he was appointed as Consultant Dental Surgeon to the National Centre Hereditary Coagulative Disorders attached to St. James’s Hospital.  Dr. Harrington became a member of the Executive Committee of the Irish Haemophilia Society in 1988 to 2002.  Dr. Harrington was a member of the Irish Dental Association (1964- to-date) and was President from 1998 - 1999.  After his official retirement in 2004, he continued as a part-time teacher at the DDUH until 2010. Dr. Harrington was appointed as Chairman of the National Haemophilia Council by Dr. James Reilly, Minister for Health in July 2011.

Prof. Colm Bergin, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, St. James’s Hospital, James’s Street, Dublin 8.
Professor Colm Bergin is a Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases, St James’s Hospital, Dublin and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin.  He is the Associate Director of the Wellcome-Health Research Board (HRB) Clinical Research Facility, St. James’s Hospital Dublin, and the Dean of Postgraduate Medical Training and Dun’s Tutor, RCPI.

Prior appointments have included Clinical Director of the Surgical and Medical Subspecialties Directorate at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin (2006-2012), President of the Infectious Diseases Society of Ireland (IDSI) (2009-2012) and National Programme Lead for OPAT, Health Services Executive, Ireland (2010-2012).
Professor Bergin is the co-director of the Department of GU Medicine and Infectious Diseases Clinical Studies Unit, the department has an active national and international research reputation. Professor Bergin has secured funding from national and international funds including FP-7 funding in 2012. He is the supervisor for a number of MD and PhD degrees covering research topics in medical education, cost effectiveness of medical care (HIV and HCV) molecular and clinical epidemiology, immunology of host response to infections (TB and HCV), neurocognitive disease in HIV infection and innovative interventions to affect social behaviours in disease modelling.

Mr. Michael Conroy, Principle Officer

Cancer, Blood & Organ Policy Unit, Department of Health, Hawkins House, Hawkins Street, Dublin 2.

Michael Conroy is Head of the Cancer, Blood & Organs Policy Unit of the Department of Health.  He has worked across a range of Government Ministries in both policy and programme roles.  Apart from his current role, the main focus of Michael's policy work has been in the heritage, industry and illicit drugs areas.

Dr. Ruth Gilmore, Consultant Haematologist, Galway University Hospital, Galway. 
Dr. Ruth Gilmore qualified in 1998 from National University of Ireland, Galway. Subsequently, she did her postgraduate Haematology training in Ireland and did a Masters in Medical Informatics as well as an MD on Thrombin Generation in Trinity College Dublin whilst working at the National Centre Hereditary Coagulation Disorders in St James’s Hospital.

Dr. Gilmore was appointed a Consultant in Haematology to Galway University Hospital in 2011. Her research interests include rare bleeding disorders, thrombin generation and the use of computers in Health Care. Her areas of special responsibility are Hemostasis and Thrombosis, Obstetric Haematology and Paediatric Haematology. Dr. Gilmore was appointed to the Council in July 2013.

Ms. Debbie Green, Administrator
Irish Haemophilia Society, First Floor, Cathedral Court, New Street, Dublin 8.

Ms. Debbie Greene joined the Irish Haemophilia Society in 2003. Ms. Greene is the Administrator of the Society having taken up the role in May 2009.  Ms. Greene oversees the day to day running of the office including the organization of Information Days, Regional Meetings and Conferences, Staffing, Event Management, the Website and is the Editor of all Irish Haemophilia Society Publications.  Ms. Greene is a member of the Irish Haemostasis Research Foundation and is also involved with the World Federation of Hemophilia Twinning Program. Ms. Greene represents the Society at various Comprehensive Care Centre Team Meetings.

Ms. Ruth Hunter-Nolan
Quality Assurance Officer, St. James’s Hospital

Ruth Hunter Nolan gained a Diploma in Adult Nursing in 1999 in Middlesex University, U.K. and completed a degree in Nursing in Trinity College in 2002. She was appointed as the Quality Assurance Officer in the National Centre for Hereditary Coagulation Disorders in 2010. She also provides a national service to the Comprehensive Care centres in Ireland by supporting the multidisciplinary team in developing methods of improving the quality of their service. Previous to this she has held other nurse management posts in practice development and cardiology nursing in St James's Hospital.

Dr. William Murphy, Medical Director
Irish Blood Transfusion Service, St James’s Hospital, James’s Street, Dublin 8.

Dr. William Murphy was appointed Medical and Scientific Director of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service in 1996. He received his training in haematology in Edinburgh and at McMaster University in Ontario in Canada. He was Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and Consultant Haematologist to the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service 1991 – 1996.  He has over 100 publications in the medical literature and currently has an active research project related to culture of clinical grade red cells.

Dr. Beatrice Nolan, Consultant Haematologist, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin,  Dublin 12.    
Dr. Beatrice Nolan was appointed as a Consultant Haematologist to St James’s Hospital in 2001. In 2008 Dr. Nolan was appointed full-time Lead Consultant Haematologist for paediatric haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders at Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin with a national remit.

Mr. Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive, Irish haemophilia Society, Cathedral Court, New Street, Dublin 8. 
Brian represents the Society as Vice Chair of the Haemophilia Product Selection and Monitoring Advisory Board established by the Minister in 2002.  He previously served as Chair of the Irish Haemophilia Society for 17 years and as President of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) for 10 years.

Brian continues to work as a volunteer with WFH.  Among his activities are writing, advocating, facilitating training on strategic planning, national procurement systems, and lobbying.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences and of the Academy of Medical Laboratory Sciences.  He also has professional qualifications in occupational health and safety and in management.  Brian O’Mahony has severe Haemophilia B.

Dr. Susan O’Shea, Consultant Haematologist, Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork.  
Dr. Susan O’Shea was appointed lead Haemophilia Consultant in Cork University Hospital in 2009. Dr. O’Shea is Director of the Coagulation Centre in Cork University Hospital.  Dr. O’Shea has underwent speciality training in disorders of Haemostasis and Thrombosis in Duke University Medical Centre in the United States, before she returned to Ireland.  Dr. O’Shea  has been involved in clinical research in many areas of coagulation.

Dr. Barry White, Medical Director, National Centre for Hereditary Coagulative Disorders (NCHCD)
St. James’s Hospital, James’s Street, Dublin 8.Dr. Barry White is a Consultant Haematologist and Director of the National Centre for Hereditary Coagulation Disorders (NCHCD) at St James’s Hospital.  He was appointed to these positions in 2001.  He undertook his training as a coagulation specialist at St James’s Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital London and has undertaken extensive research in the area of coagulation disorders.  Dr. White was previously the National Director, Clinical Strategy and Programmes, Health Service Executive (HSE)