About Us

Mission Statement of the National Haemophilia Council (NHC)
To advise and recommend on the optimum provision of treatment and care for persons with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders.
To comply with the international benchmark set for the provision of effective advice and inclusive involvement in optimising the management of haemophilia.
Background / Raison D’etre
  1. The Council was formally established on a statutory basis by Statutory Instrument (SI). 
  2. The Council have a formal role in making recommendations to the Minister for Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE).
  3. The need to learn from the tragic history of the past. 
  4. Patients / Clinicians / Health Service Management and Department of Health to collaboratively work together on a unique basis under the SI. 
  5. Agreement on model for centralisation of haemophilia care. 
  6. Formal audits undertaken under the auspices of the NHC with international expertise including patient involvement.
  7. Ability to respond publicly and co-operatively to a crisis in a timely manner. 
  1. Advocate for the provision of optimum haemophilia care nationally 
  2. Provision of appropriate information, education and research 
  3. Ensure viability and effectiveness by measuring performance and outcomes
  4. Optimise development and function of the National Haemophilia Council